1. Four Waters, 2016

metal, 360 x 270 x 225 cm

production: JAC, Serbia

2. Four Waters, 2017

copper, 360 x 270 x 225 cm

production: Art Encounters, Timisoara, Romania

Work FOUR WATERS is a continuation of my investigation in the field of architecture from the point of view of sculpture. Gutters installed in the space evoke with its contours the shape of a house. House that is not there, that is only suggested with this tin drawing. The function of the gutter on the house that could have been there would be to conduct the water to all four sides (of the world). The very fact that there is neither a house nor a roof from which water could flow into the gutter, makes object seemingly pointless and useless. It is useless in the practical sense but for me it is necessary as an act of art.