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1970 Born in Šabac, Serbia. 1991/1995 Studied at academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. 1997/2002 MFA studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. 1998/2001 MFA studies at The Dutch Art Institute, Enschede, The Netherlands. 1997/1998 Teaches at School for Artistic Crafts in Šabac, Serbia. Member of Visual Artists Association of Serbia (ULUS) since 1995. Together with Kosta Bogdanović and Rajka Bošković wrote textbooks for Visual Atrs 1, 2, 3 and 4 for first four grades of elementary school. From 2002 to 2019 he was selector for the Jalovik Art Colony. He works in sculpture, painting, design and as a curator. Branislav Nikolić has exhibited his works independently and together with other artists, both at home and abroad. He lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.


  • 2021 Frozen Silence, Navigator Art Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2020 Blue Factory, public sculpture, Cultural Center, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2019 Surviving Work (with Žolt Kovač), Nadežda Petrović gallery, Čačak, Serbia
  • 2019 Chair for Gheorghe Doja (with Nicolae Velicov), public sculpture, Gheorghe Doja Park, Timisoara, Romania
  • 2019 You’ll Make Sense When You Find a Horizon (with Domingos Octaviano), Hestia Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2019 Ice Cream, public sculpture, Periferne Centra, Dubravica, Slivakia
  • 2018 Te Huur (with Jesse Siegel), Edition Populaire, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • 2017 Ordinary Day, Cultural Center Gallery, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2016 Superstructure, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2016 Airlab Spring Exhibition, (with Su Tomesen), Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania
  • 2015 Jungle, Ice Cream and Dots, Prototype Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2015 City Mirrors, Stepenište Gallery, Šumatovačka škola, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2013 Secondary Architecture, Urban Incubator, Magacin Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2013 Scream from Nature (with Lise Wulff), Edward Munk 150 Years celebration, Oslo, Norwey
  • 2012 Can Always Be Better, Gallery 73, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2011 …your drawings are like those Tesla-s energy lines beside my landscape! (with Selman Trtovac), KC Grad Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2011 Belgrade Pillars, Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2010 Visa to Transit, (with Ivan Grubanov and Nikola Marković), Kulter Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2010 Paintings, Drawings and Collages, Culture Center Gallery, Sopot, Serbia
  • 2010 Paintings, Drawings and Collages, (with Aleksandar Dimitrijevićem), New Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2008 Paintings, Drawings and Collages, Culture Center Gallery, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
  • 2007 Objects, paintings, AC Brajić, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2002 Diaries 98-02 (space installation), Golden Eye Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 2001 Collection/Asia (photographs), Fastarts Gallery, Turku, Finland
  • 1999 INVISIBLE (installation), SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1999 Collection 98-99, AKI2, Enschede, The Netherlands
  • 1998 Ten Large Paintings, Old Obnova Building, Šabac, Serbia
  • 1998 Ten Large Paintings, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1996 Works on Paper (with Slobodan Peladić), New Gallery, Šabac, Serbia
  • 1996 Paintings, New Gallery, Šabac, Serbia
  • 1996 The Bottles (graphics), Tribina mladih Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 1995 Paintings, Pinki Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1994 Small Spring Exhibition, Hall Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 1993 Collages on the Wall, Šabac, Serbia



  • 2021 Terra 39, sculptures in public space and in the gallery Terra, Kikinda, Serbia
  • 2021 Overview Effect, MoCAB, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2020 So-Called Reality, The Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro, The Petrovic Palace, Podgorica, Montenegro
  • 2019 63rd October Salon, Public Museum, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2019 Srpske lepe umetnosti 2, Ostavinska gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2019 My Art is My Reality, Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 2019 Hellfire, Drina gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2018 My Art is My Reality, Mali salon MMCA, Rijeka, Croatia
  • 2018 Color Lucida, Centre Culturel de Serbie, Paris, France
  • 2018 Black and White and Re(a)d All Over, Gallery Huto Jäktäsaari, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2018 Voyage: A Journey through Contemporary Serbian Art, China Art Museum, Shanghai, China
  • 2017 Inner Migrations, Contemporary art gallery, Pančevo, Serbia
  • 2017 Art Encounters, Timisoara, Romania
  • 2017 Universallowed, Turnul Fabricii de Baterii, Timisoara, Romania
  • 2017 Inner Migrations, Poola gallery, Pula, Croatia
  • 2017 OMI Art Residency, Ghent, New York, USA
  • 2017 Plat-Forms, Planeta, New York, USA
  • 2017 Inner Migrations, national Museum of Montenegro, Gallery Atelier Dado, Cetinje, Montenegro
  • 2016 TICA Airlab 2016 Exhibition, Miza gallery, Tirana, Albania
  • 2016 (Brüderlichkeit und Einheit) Im Zeichen der Deregulierung, Das Haus der Architektur Gallery, Graz, Austria
  • 2016 Teatri i Gjelbërimit, FAB gallery, Tirana, Albania
  • 2016 Inner Migrations, Duplex Gallery, Sarajevo, BiH
  • 2015 Constellation, Serbian Cultural Center, Paris, France
  • 2015 Local Municipalities, Visual Contact Gallery, Oradea, Romania
  • 2015 Pop Up 19, Osijek, Croatia
  • 2015 Affirmation, 37th Salon of Architecture, Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2015 DEV9T festival, Old brick factory, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2014 27th Nadežda Petrović Memorial, Čačak, Serbia
  • 2014 Ping Pong, New Art in Embassies, American Residence, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2013 From-To, Magacin Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2013 34th and 35th session of JAC, Third Belgrade Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2013 34th Art Colony Ečka, Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, Serbia
  • 2013 Haleb Yugo, Galerie 16B, Zurich, Swizerland
  • 2012 Skup 3, Nova Galerija, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2011 Landscape Revisited, Periferne Centra, Dubravica, Slovakia
  • 2011 Spring Serbian Salad, Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna, Austria
  • 2011 Nature and Art, Belgrade Heritage House, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2010 Nature and Art, Public Museum, Valjevo, Serbia
  • 2009 Bank on Art, Toronto, Canada
  • 2009 Fascinating geometry, Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2009 Museum Night 05, Cakes, paintings, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2008 Politike drugog, Kolektiv, Public Museum, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2007 Art for Aid, Zuider Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2007 Museum Night 04, New Remote and Kolektiv, Šabac, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2007 Velada de Santa Lucia, New Remote, Marciabo, Venecuela
  • 2007 Songs of the Apocalypse, New Remote, Art Mur gallery, Montreal, Canada
  • 2006 Postcards, Gallery MSU, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2006 50 years of October Salon in Šabac, Public Museum, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2006 Igor Belohlavek prize winners, Cultural Centre Gallery, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2005 Museum Night 01, Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2004 ULSŠ, Cultural Center Gallery, Vranje, Serbia
  • 2004 Displacements, Museum in the open, Kalenić, Serbia
  • 2004 Life in Color, Artget Gallery, Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2003 Hercegnovski zimski salon, Herceg Novi Gallery, Montenegro
  • 2003 BELEF 03, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2003 Drawing 2003, City Gallery, Požega, Serbia
  • 2002 Time Codes, 5th Biennalle of Young Artists, Vršac, Serbia
  • 2002 Crossings, 10th Biennalle of Visual Arts, Pančevo, Serbia
  • 2002 Kolektiv, Sopot Gallery, Sopot, Serbia
  • 2001 Label Flashing Event, New Remote, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2001 Real Presence, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2001 42nd October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2000 Open day DAI, The Tower (sculptures), Enschede, The Netherlands
  • 2000 Kunstvlaai 4, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2000 Paradoxes of the Time, 4th Biennalle of Young Artists, Vršac, Serbia
  • 2000 hah!, Open air sculpture show, Lahti, Finland
  • 2000 Kunstdocument 2000, Enschede, The Netherlands
  • 1999 Interakcija (project), SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1999 Dummy Speaks, Wide Out, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1999 Kunstvlaai 3, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 1999 To Give a Place, Stefania Miscetti Gallery, Roma, Italy
  • 1999 1/2000, Chauny, France
  • 1999 You are Here, Window (installation), Villa Weiner, Ochtrup, Germany
  • 1997 JAC Workshop, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1996 October Salon, Culture Center Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 1995 New members of ULUS, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1994 20 years of Academy of Fine Arts, Culture Center, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 1993 Drawings, FLU Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1991 Drawing and Small Plastic, Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, Belgrade, Serbia




  • 2015 Award for Experiment at 37th Salon of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2015 Award for contribution to the development of fine arts, ULSŠ, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2014 Audience Award at Nadežda Petrović Memorial, Čačak, Serbia
  • 2013 First Prize at the October Salon in Šabac, Serbia
  • 2008 Mara Lukić Jelesić Prize, ULSŠ, Šabac, Serbia
  • 1995 First Prize at the October Salon in Šabac, Serbia
  • 1994 Igor Belohlavek Foundation Prize for the best young artist, Šabac, Serbia
  • 1992 First Prize at the October Salon in Šabac, Serbia



  • 2015 Sculpture and Architecture, presentation of work, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 2015 Presentation of work, High School of Design, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2015 XL, L, M, S, sculptures and Installations, presentation of work, Faculty of Visual Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2014 Sculptures and Installations, presentation of work, City Archive, Šabac, Serbia
  • 2012 Jalovik Art Colony, KC Grad, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2007 House, children workshop and lecture (with K. Bogdanović and R. Bošković), Architectural Week, Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2007 Neighborhood, children workshop and lecture (with K. Bogdanović and R. Bošković), organized by Habitad, Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2006 Archetype Forms, lecture in Visual Culture Theory, City Library, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2001 Presentation of work and New Remote projects, Art Academy, Turku, Finland
  • 2000 Window, presentation of the project, DAI, Enschede, The Netherlands
  • 2000 Welcome to DAI, presentation of work, Center for the Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1999 INTERAKCIJA, presentation of the project, AKI2, Enschede, The Netherlands
  • 1998 Presentation of work, AKI2, Enschede, The Netherlands