65 Dinars, 2019

wooden fruit boxes, paper, mould, 49 x 29 x 370 cm

production: JAC, Serbia

65 DINARS is an installation made from wooden crates previously used for carrying vegetable and fruit. It was erected in the village Jalovik in an abandoned grocery shop where the crates were found. On the ceiling, right where the wooden pillar ends, was a mold that artist used as an image of smoke. That way the smoke appears to be coming out of the pillar/chimney, Nikolić made from wooden crates found on the spot, thus …. to thematise the motif of the factory that occupies a significant place in artist’s work. One of the papers the artist found in one of the crates was a RSD 65 price tag, a price tag for a product that is long gone from the crate and from the shop itself. A piece actually telling the story of the village fragile economy.