• Plavi krug 140cm_2016
  • Plavi krug sa krsem_1 140cm_2016_small
  • Zuti krug_drvo i metal_100cm_2016_small
  • Zuti krug_drvo i metal_100cm_2016_Soko small
  • Crni krug_drvo i metal_100cm_2016_small
  • Krug Podgorica 160cm_2016 svetlija
  • City Mirror Falk_zum_120_2017
  • Ogledalo 120cm_2017
  • DSC05744
  • Branislav Nikolic_City Mirror USA1_2017

1. City Mirror (blue 2), 2016

wood, metal, Ø 140 cm

2. City Mirror (yellow), 2016

wood, metal, Ø 100 cm

3. City Mirror (black), 2016

wood, metal, Ø 100 cm (Wiener Stadtiche collection)

4. City Mirror (green, blue), 2016

wood, metal, Ø 160 cm, (Telenor Montenegro collection)

5. City Mirror (constructivistic), 2017

wood, Ø 120 cm, (private collection)

6. City Mirror (school board), 2017

wood, cloth, Ø 120 cm, (Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin collection)

7. City Mirror (OMI), 2017

wood, Ø 112 cm, (Wilson Center collection, Washington, USA)

production: author

CITY MIRRORS were made in the breaks between other larger works, from materials found specifically for them or from those that remained after earlier projects. Nevertheless, these works are not secondary or any less valuable. On the contrary. They satisfy the artist’s unsurpassed need to paint. Only, this time he does not take brush and paint into his hands, but saw, planks, hammer, nails. The Mirrors are abstract paintings, which, as Nikolić likes to say, are painted by the city dwellers. He only places them in logical and harmonious relations and helps them to see the light of day. And all of us, who live in the city, and who sometimes throw from our homes, an old door, window, cupboard or chair, can find a piece of ourselves in them.