• Krov Brana 2 2015
  • Krov Brana 4 2015
  • Krov Brana 5 2015
  • Krov Brana 6 2015

Roof, 2015

wood, metal, 263 x 223 x 107 cm

production: JAC, Serbia

Sculpture ROOF is a model for a future series of works about Belgrade roof extensions. Due to the sudden influx of people in the big cities and the emergence of private investors, many buildings in Belgrade are extended with several floors. Usually, it is allowed to extend one or two floors, but a loophole allows the fact that lofts can also be used as living space, so roofs are often covering two or three “nonexistent” stores of the building. Builders and investors, largely self-taught and often without the help of architects are making good money this way, leaving architectural ugliness in the cities that generations will have to watch.