Te Huur (with Jesse Siegel), 2018

a collaborative installation by Branislav Nikolić (Serbia) and Jesse Siegel (Mexico), mixed media, dimensions variable

production: Edition Populaire, Bloemstraat 20 and Bleekhofstraat 22, Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium

Branislav Nikolić and Jesse Siegel created a collaborative site-specific installation within L’Édition Populaire’s two vitrine galleries. Primarily comprised of discarded construction materials found throughout Antwerp (BE) including wood, metal and stone, the construction evokes concepts of real estate, the idealization of the home and class. These concepts behind the installation were meant as a way of exposing the construction of space, not just in their physical presence but also in the emotions that they evoke.

In TE HUUR artists use the hyper visible model of the vitrine to expose and freeze in space the labor of construction. A labor that is often performed in an invisible way by anonymous workers. The two vitrine galleries, separated by a few minute walk, offer a unified picture, moving seamlessly between construction and real estate. It is intended as a singular experience that can be experienced in either direction.