Toi-Toi Confessional, 2019

concept, plastic

The concept of TOI-TOI CONFESSIONAL is an upgrade of the idea from which the installation Confessional was created in 2018 in Rijeka. The choice of materials for building unequivocally pointed to marginalized social groups (Roma and other minorities, as well as refugees, more and more of which are in Europe today) and to their second-class position and role in society. By placing that installation in a closed public space (church, museum) and by using it daily, we are reminded of the almost forgotten old saying that we are all equal before God.

The TOI-TOI CONFESSIONAL goes a step further. By being placed anywhere in an open public space (as well as Toi-Tois), it becomes even more democratic and open to use. It can also be placed on construction sites, and even church construction sites, in short – in all places where Toi-Tois are installed. Made of plastic, in mass serial production, as a product design, the TOI-TOI CONFESSIONAL upgrades the function and brand of the Toi-Toi toilets, and in addition to the physical, it also enables mental cleansing in conversation with the person sitting beside.