You Must Be Smarter (Church, Factory, Mosque), 2018

triptych, wood, 155 x 100 x 10 cm (each)

production: author

Artist’s careful perception shows to what degree minimal transformation of shapes brings to memory completely different representations, evoking at the same time different emotions, both positive and negative. The symbolism of tradition by way of religion, in this case Christian and Islamic, as well as the symbolism of modern civilization by way of industry, points to deep associations that such symbols produce in us and how different nuances of forms transform our representations and emotions. The artist is showing us the thin line that divides as well as the broad possibilities of linking and bridging the boundaries to the extent of full fusion of functional and ideological aspect of the universal that applies to all cultures. The topic is as old as the mankind, and at the same time is relevant today especially in the light of growing animosity in leading modern societies.

Vesna Gašić